Fort Diemerdam


As part of the Defense Line of Amsterdam, Fort Diemerdam once served to keep ‘the enemy’ out of the city. Today, the historic site, designated a ‘UNESCO world heritage’, invites you to enjoy it in friendship and freedom. Paviljoen Puur plays a central role in this as managing tenant. We see it as our task and goal to keep Fort Diemerdam alive as a place for special encounters between people, history, culture and nature. For this we offer (culinary) hospitality and facilities, for business and private meetings, and we are also open on Sundays from 12.00-17.00 for lunch and drinks. In January and February Paviljoen Puur is closed on Sundays.


Paviljoen Puur was commissioned by Stadsherstel and designed by architectural firm Emma. The striking building, clad in durable cedar, stands on the site of a former soldiers’ shelter. The original ‘footprint’ of that building served as the starting point for the design of the restaurant area. The round, wooden structure placed around it provides ‘protection’, so to speak, to the historic site. The architects drew inspiration for the undulating forms from the slopes and surrounding landscape.

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