Let’s go green!

With fresh local and seasonal produce, Paviljoen Puur serves a meal for every occasion that invites enjoyment, whether it is a luxurious dinner or an informal barbecue. In doing so, optimal use is made of the boundless possibilities of the location. The new greenery is eco-chic: a combination of sustainable and stylish. This is evident, among other things, in the materials used for the building and furnishings. The choice of heat recovery and biologically purified water also underline the sustainable character of Paviljoen Puur. The new green is at the same time a combination of nature and city: outdoor life within cycling distance of Amsterdam.

Paviljoen Puur works according to the Farm to table method. We buy it directly from the producer. Minimal transport movements and even if the product is transported to a point of sale, it stays within the region. So, the kilometers the product has to travel are limited, which leads to lower CO2 emissions. We try to limit food waste and when using products from abroad, we pay attention to the Fair-Trade label. This pays attention to fair prices for farmers and the prevention of child labor in the production of products.

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