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Wedding ceremony/ wedding officiant

The civil registry department of the municipality of Diemen will be happy to inform you about the possibilities of the wedding ceremony and the fees you pay directly to the municipality of Diemen.

Working method

After you have signed the agreement, you will receive the invoice for the rental of Paviljoen Puur, after payment the date is confirmed.

6 months before the wedding a meeting takes place to go over the details of the day. The choices of menu, drinks and times are discussed. This can be done online or on location from Monday to Thursday. Other days are unfortunately not possible due to events.

30 days before the wedding the last detail conversation takes place. The entire offer will be discussed from a to z. This can be done online or on location from Monday to Thursday. Other days are unfortunately not possible due to events.

7 days before the wedding we would like to receive the final number of guests per part of the day and dietary requirements, choice of menu (on the day itself is not possible) and any allergen information.

Of course, it is possible to send us an e-mail or give us a call. We strive to answer your e-mail within 48 hours.

Viewing the location

The venue can be viewed at Sunday, September 29 and Sunday, November 24, 2024 between 12.30 p.m.-16.00 p.m.. Registration is not necessary. The venue will be dressed up with various options and offer plenty of inspiration for your day.

On Sundays between 12:00 -17:00 (except January and February), reservations can be made for lunch and drinks. It is then possible to walk around the venue independently. Please note reservations are required.

Fireworks, starlets, wishing balloons and confetti

The use of fireworks, starlets, wishing balloons and confetti is strictly prohibited.

Drone, photography and video

Click here for the rules when using a drone. Photography and video are possible at our location.

DJ and entertainment

Outside, acoustic music or lightly amplified music is possible. Inside, no restrictions apply if the doors remain closed. Entertainment can be booked through our partner Quinq Entertainment. When bringing your own DJ, it is mandatory to use our technology. Click here for the specifications.

Power and internet

There is 220 v electricity in all places throughout the building and garden. Also in the ceremony area. WIFI and power current are available inside upon request.

Operating the music

During the ceremony, the master of ceremonies should control the music. A device you bring with you can be paired with bluetooth. Our advice is to download the music locally on the device. For drinks, dinner or party, the link can be shared by email with Paviljoen Puur. Paviljoen Puur will arrange for the music to be played.


When using an outside vendor for a cake or sweettable, the vendor should contact Paviljoen Puur no later than 7 business days in advance for coordination.

Scattering during ceremony

Scattering flower petals, rice and confetti is not possible.

Use of beamer

There is a fixed projector on the ground and first floor. It is not possible to place it outside. Sound is also available. Please bring your own laptop and in case of a MAC also bring an adapter to HDMI.


Both outdoor and indoor microphones are available for speech during the ceremony, reception, dinner and party. This microphone is not suitable for singing.

Wedding car

Upon arrival, the car may be parked on the grounds at the direction of venue manager. After the wedding, the car must be gone. It is not possible to leave the car until the next day.

Name tags

The ceremony and tables are set up and taken down by Paviljoen Puur. Name tags will be placed by the master of ceremonies.

Staying overnight

It is not possible to stay overnight at Paviljoen Puur. Click here for hotels in the area.

Kind words